Reno County communities work aggressively to win new companies and investment to the area. In addition to highly competitive utility rates, a low cost of doing business and a motivated and skilled workforce, there are several incentive tools available to new and existing expanding businesses. Please contact us with questions about any of these local incentive programs.

Reno County Performance Based Cash Incentive for New Job Creation

Applicants must create a minimum of 10 new jobs to qualify for the incentives. Wages for newly created jobs must meet a starting minimum base wage requirement of at least $15.00 per hour per job in order to qualify.  Any combination of jobs within the specified hourly wage categories will be credited towards the total jobs considered.

Neighborhood Revitalization Program

The Neighborhood Revitalization Program is to assist existing or new businesses on the increase in real property tax incurred as a result of new investment. Each city sets their own boundaries and requirements for their NRP.

Industrial Revenue Bond Financing

Many Reno County governmental units support the use of industrial revenue bond financing for the expansion and remodel of an existing building or the construction of a new building and production equipment. Sales tax exemptions on the building materials and property tax exemptions can be considered on a project by project basis.

The Kansas Department of Commerce stands ready to assist your company with State programs and assistance. Click here for more information about State incentives.